Deck: A short fun holiday romance

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Who knew a frozen Vegas night could melt my defenses?


Skydiving in Vegas in December can be slow, and this year’s unseasonably cold weather means I’m out of a job and waiting tables to get by. I have a new gig starting at the indoor skydiving school but a guy’s gotta eat in between. I didn’t plan on my last meal being the sexy blonde at table ten who just won’t get out of my head.

When an unexpected snowfall disrupts the evening, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to resist free-falling for her.


Attending a Vegas wedding is my dream, and my friend Lily has kindly made that dream come true this Christmas. Just three hours off the plane, and I’m already flirting up a storm with a cute waiter. I know he likes me but he’s trying every trick he knows to hide it.

What are the chances of getting him to loosen up long enough to pull the cord and get to know the real me?

If you love a Christmas snowed-in romance, naughty Santas and a catch up with old friends, the final book in the Flush With Love series is just what you need today!


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