Hart: A short opposites attract romance

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Never kiss a girl whose family want to bury you in the desert


I’m a computer nerd by day. By night, I’m an exciting, exhuberant—wait, I’m a computer nerd by night, too. Damn. Nerd or not, I’m man enough to join Valerie Pinto for a night of sensual fun. Maybe she plans to sacrifice me on an altar once she gets my clothes off, but it’s a chance I’ve been waiting to take all year long.


Hart Bradley and I should not be compatible. He’s never even been to a topless review and anyone can see - he's kinda scared of me. My bestie warned me to stay away, but I can’t resist those dreamy eyes and his chiseled jawline. He’s so normal and sensible, what could possibly go wrong?

If you love an opposites attract romance with a bit of fish out of water thrown in, grab book two in the Flush With Love series today.


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