Tap Dance – A short second chance romance

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I didn’t have a choice when I left Mario as a kid, but I’m not a kid anymore and he’s all man. He was my first everything, but he’ll never forgive me,he’s made that clear. That doesn’t mean I don’t want him body and soul. Maybe I can’t have him forever, I might have to settle for right now but I know even that will be better than anything else I've ever known.


She’s back and she’s driving me crazy. It’s bad enough Caroline broke my heart now she and her dance students are tap, tap, tapping away right next to my brewery. I promised myself we were done when she walked away but no one told my libido or my heart. Maybe I’m not as mad as I thought I was, maybe this time I can convince her to stay forever.

This is a crazy dance between us and I never want the music to stop.

Tap dance is a fast, sexy second chance romance featuring a dance instructor, a brooding brewer and his crazy family. Grab this fun, fast read and escape for an hour today.


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