Bossy: A Curvy Girl Librarian and Professor Instalove Romance

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I've been thinking all kinds of naughty thoughts about Professor Rafe Cain since the first day I saw him in the bookshop my first day working at Bellingham University.

He's bossy, and demanding, and thinks he's so smart.

I am in so much trouble.

Because I've just been assigned to be his research librarian.

Now he needs me....

to do his research.

Guess I'm stuck with my naughty librarian and the dirty professor fantasies because that's all I'm going to get from him.

Until a snowstorm hits right before Christmas and we're stuck together in his office with only our bodies to keep each other warm.


Ball Player: A BBW and Football Player Insta-Love Romance

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She's my ex-best friend's younger sister, and she's off limits. But I can't help falling in love with her.

What in the world is Sidney doing here?
I ran off to college on the opposite end of the country after her older brother, my former best friend, punched me in the eye and told me to stay away from her.
But little Sid is all grown up, and those curves are more than I can resist.

I had such a crush on on my older brother's best friend in high school it hurt.
It hurt even more when he disappeared after that magical dance at prom and went off to play football for this Ivy League school.
But I'm not just somebody's little sister anymore and I don't need anyone to protect me.
I've saved myself for Chase and it's time for the wait to be over.

Ball Player is a is an insta-love New Adult romance with a bookworm virgin and the bad boy ball player (who’s secretly been in love with this curvy girl for years!). Grab this forbidden love short story and escape for an hour today!


Blue Blood: A BBW and a Royal Prince Romance

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Best Friend: A BBW and Firefighter Insta-Love Romance

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Don't want your best friend to find out you're in love with him? Maybe don't put him in your newest hit romance novel.

I've been writing a romance novel and it stars my best friend.
He's a super hot fireman and I've been in love with him for years.
But Jake just thinks of me as one of the guys.

Holy shizznit. Nothing like reading your best friend's novel and seeing your name starring in all the schmexy bits.
She even made the hero a firefighter.
Is there a chance she wants to do all these naughty things with me? Because she's been starring in my fantasies for years.

Grab Best Friend now if you lurrve a friends to lovers romance and need a quickie break from your crazy day.


Bad Boy: A BBW and Bad Boy Insta-Love Romance

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The bad boy never can resist the bookworm good girl~

I’ve been dying to get a taste of Kennedy and all her curves. But I’m not her type. She’s a bookworm, nose always stuck firmly in her laptop, and I’m the tatted up, motorcycle-riding bartender barely making enough to pay tuition.
But when she asks me for dating lessons, I’m going to do everything I can to teach her exactly how opposites attract.

I’m gonna do it. I’m going to ask bad boy Xander to teach me how to flirt. It’s not like he’s going to fall for me. I’m the nerdy, chubby, book blogger, girl next door, nothing like the hot sorority chicks always swooning over him at the bar.
Then I can use my new skills to find a guy who’ll do dirty things to me, someone just like him. Ack, I mean help me find a nice guy who’ll fit into my nice girl life. Oh geez. I’m a wreck and I’m pretty sure I’m doomed to die a virgin.

Bad Boy is an insta-love New Adult romance with a bookworm virgin and the bad boy bartender (who’s secretly a good guy!). Grab this opposites attract short story and escape for an hour today!