Curvy Cheeky Charmer

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Curvy Cheeky Charmer
Part of the The Galentine's Chronicles series:
  • Curvy Cheeky Charmer

One pact plus my brother’s best friend equals a Galentine’s Day I won’t ever forget.

I always listen to my gut. I just don’t always do what it says. Like the other night during the chat I had with my besties. My gut screamed at me not to agree to the pact. I heard it, loud and clear. Then I gulped down the rest of my wine and told everyone I was in. I even said I’d let one of my volunteers at the big animal rescue fix me up on a date. Clearly, the merlot is to blame. Now I’ve got to figure out how to fake a blind date or they’ll hold this over me for years.

Every time I come to town, my aunt tries to set me up with one of her friends. For years, I’ve made excuses, but being a single dad gets pretty lonely and this time I could actually use a plus one. How was I to know the curvy brunette she had in mind is my childhood best friend’s little sister? The one I taunted and teased. The one I ached for and have dreamed about for years. She doesn’t know it yet, but before the night is through, I’ll do whatever it takes to make this curvy, cheeky, charmer mine, all mine.

Valentine's Day? This group of single besties hasn't celebrated since, well...they don't want to talk about that. But this year looks a whole lot different. Thanks to a bottle of wine and a ridiculous Galentine's Day pact, they're conquering their fears, one outlandish adventure at a time. Love wasn't supposed to be in the cards, but they'll tumble headlong into it anyway when they meet the men of their dreams in the last places they expected.

Seven of your favorite instalove authors are taking you on a rom-com adventure to remember this Galentine's Day. Buckle up. These feisty heroines are going down in infamy!


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