Hot Drummer Summer

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Hot Drummer Summer Eve London
Part of the Hot H.E.A. Summer series:
  • Hot Drummer Summer

When their worlds collide, will love be enough?



Eight years ago, two pink lines knocked me off the straight and narrow path. Though I’d never trade my son for anything, balancing being a single mom and working full-time leaves no time in my schedule to focus on my own dreams. Though I disagree, my bestie thinks a one-night stand will pull me out of my current funk. When I lock eyes with the gorgeous, muscled drummer, I’m not above admitting she might be right.



I haven’t been with a woman in years, but something about the curvy beauty at the bar compels me to invite her back to my place. When she disappears in the middle of the night, I go out of my mind trying to track her down. But once I find her and realize she’s a single mom, I’m not sure I can be the man she needs. Even though I know she’s meant to be mine, unless I can make peace with my past, the future I’ve been dreaming about might slip right through my fingers.


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