Single Dad Dilemma

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Single Dad Dilemma Eve London
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  • Single Dad Dilemma


I’ve made a good life for myself in Starlight Bay. As the art teacher at the elementary school, I love working with kids and teaching them how to express themselves through creativity. I’ve got a great family, a nice place to live, and the job of my dreams. It would be selfish to want anything more.

Then Theo shows up.

The last thing I need to rock my carefully balanced boat is seeing the man I haven’t been able to stop thinking about for the past twelve years. I don’t know what possesses me to offer to help his niece with an art project. Now I’m wishing we could share a whole lot more than the heated looks passing between us.


When a horrible accident leaves me in charge of my nine-year-old niece, I trade in my combat boots to head home to Starlight Bay. I’d planned on making the military my career, but I’ve never been one to shy away from responsibility, no matter how unsuited I might be for the job.

When Sable Marks walks into my parents’ ice cream shop, my carefully curated plans get blown to bits. Once upon a time we were friends, and almost became more. Now she’s here, her curves too delicious to resist. But there’s no way she’ll want me now… not when I left her behind and am coming back as a single dad.


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