Trick or Tequila

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Trick or Tequila Eve London
Part of the Halloween Steam series:
  • Trick or Tequila

Fall under the spell of this devilishly delicious opposites attract romance.




The man making my ovaries sing is way out of my league. That doesn’t stop me from flirting back when he makes a play for me at my family’s pumpkin patch. But when he lays on the charm so thick that it leaves me gasping for air, I don’t know whether to lean into my feelings or ghost the divine devil.




From the moment I set eyes on the curvy girl in overalls, my heart belongs to her. Now I just have to convince her that despite our differences, we’re a perfect fit. A costume party at the small-town tequila bar will give us the opportunity to be whoever we want for a night. But will she still want me in the morning?


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