Claimed by a Cowboy Box Set

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Nash: Book 1

A curvy girl, older hero, quadruplet cowboy instalove romance.

I came to Texas for a quick getaway. The cute little rental cottage was supposed to be the perfect place to spend the weekend…alone. But when an early summer storm washes out the bridge on the only road leading back to town, I’m left stranded with a man I’m finding impossible to resist.

Life at the ranch is hard, but predictable. It’s a life I’ve come to accept, even though it’s lonely at times. Until I rescue a gorgeous stranger from a flash flood. She’s got curves for miles and every part of me knows she’s meant to be mine. Letting myself fall for her would mean putting my heart on the line. But that’s the one thing I swore I’d never do again.

Colt: Book 2

A curvy girl, enemies to lovers, quadruplet cowboy instalove romance.

I love my life in small town Texas, and I’ve worked my tail off to get to the point where I can take over my dad’s veterinary practice. There’s only one thing standing in my way: Colt Calhoun. The stubborn cowboy has made it his personal mission to undermine me in every way. It’s too bad… he’d be pretty cute if he didn’t scowl at me all the time.

When I have to rely on Oakley to come to the rescue during calving season, I realize I might have misjudged her in the past. I’m not above admitting when I’ve made a mistake, especially if it means getting to explore the undeniable chemistry that simmers just under the surface between us. But is it too late to mend fences?

West: Book 3

A curvy girl mistaken identity, quadruplet cowboy instalove romance.

I didn't think I'd make it to my best friend's wedding in Texas. But how can I pass up the chance when she tells me her groom has three brothers who are just as hot, handsome, and rugged as the cowboy she's managed to snag? So I pack my bags and decide to press my luck on finding the love of my life in the Lone Star State.

When a chance encounter with a gorgeous stranger leaves me so tongue-tied I can't even remember my own name, I borrow my more outgoing brother's. Channeling his cocky attitude gives me the confidence to conquer my fear of the one night stand. But when the woman of my dreams shows up at a family wedding the next day, how can I explain I'm not the man she thinks I am without losing her for good?

Zane: Book 4

A curvy girl, brother’s best friend, quadruplet cowboy instalove romance.

I’m twenty-five years old and still carting around my v-card. Until being in the right place at the right time gives me an out in the form of my big brother’s best friend, Zane Calhoun. The rough and tumble older man has plenty of experience. Now if I can just figure out a way to capture his undivided attention long enough for him to relieve me of this tiny little thing.

I’ve never thought of Willa Meyers as anything but my best friend’s little sister. But then she saves me from hours of shoveling manure when she bids on me at a charity auction. How was I to know she had an ulterior motive? One that changes everything for both of us in the course of a single night.

Preston: Book 5

A curvy girl, brother’s best friend, holiday cowboy instalove romance.

I’ve worked my tail off to create a magical holiday event on the town square. So, when my brother bails on playing Santa, I’ve got to find a solution and fast. Too bad he sent his wife’s older brother to take his place. Preston Meyers might be the sexiest Santa I’ve ever seen, but not even the joy of Christmas could put a smile on the grumpy cowboy’s face.

When my best friend calls in a favor, I end up playing Santa to Tassy Calhoun’s Mrs. Claus. For a guy who hates crowds and hates the holidays, I can’t wait to put in my time and be done. But then something happens that changes everything. Can a guy with a hardened heart find just a little of the holiday spirit?


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